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From Chapter 1 of Radical Animal: "Nudge, Steer, Stumble, Dance: the intellectual battle for human nature"

Radical Animal is a "book-net" - a book-text that will emerge from my own researches, and others' participation in this: and once it appears, it will stay in dialogue and in evolution with those networks. To that end, I'll be posting some extracts from my main writing on this Ning site - and inviting response and dissemination from you all. 

This is a…


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Interview on "Radical Animal" with Knack Weekend, Belgium’s leading lifestyle magazine

A delight to receive this PDF from Elke Lahousse, journalist with Knack Weekend, containing my interview around the forthcoming Radical Animal book, in a section entitled New Horizons ('Kijk Vooruit"). The interview was conducted by e-mail in English, and is reproduced here…


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Radical Animal Radio: Interview with Futerra co-founder Ed Gillespie

Welcome to this first in a series of occasional podcasts, based on my continuing research for the Radical Animal "book-net".

Today I'll be talking to Ed Gillespie, who is the co-founder of Futerra, a communications agency aimed at promoting sustainability. My agenda…


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"Radical Animal": the general proposal (for funders and stakeholders)


I've been putting in for…


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Great exchanges on Comment is Free, post Guardian article

I had some very substantive discussions with the commenters on the Guardian's Comment Is Free site, after my article launching the Radical Animal went up yesterday. Here's my…


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Pat Kane: The 'I'm-happy-I'm-green' consensus won't placate our lust for novelty (The Guardian)


This is the unedited text of Guardian Comment article of 26 April 2011, launching the "Radical Animal" book-net. All comments welcomed here…


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From Thoughtland: Towards a 30-Hour Working Week


"In terms of Scottish commitment to the biosphere, we have already let our conscience be our guide – and…


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From The Play Ethic: Play and Ecology

I've been exploring the ideas behind Radical Animal for quite a while in other places - I'll start to recycle them here, for coherence sake. 

From The Play Ethic: Play and Ecology - our joyful - & troubled - connection to nature (lecture to Big Tent…


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