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From Chapter 1 of Radical Animal: "Nudge, Steer, Stumble, Dance: the intellectual battle for human nature"

Radical Animal is a "book-net" - a book-text that will emerge from my own researches, and others' participation in this: and once it appears, it will stay in dialogue and in evolution with those networks. To that end, I'll be posting some extracts from my main writing on this Ning site - and inviting response and dissemination from you all. 

This is a…


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Radical Animal Radio: Interview with Futerra co-founder Ed Gillespie

Welcome to this first in a series of occasional podcasts, based on my continuing research for the Radical Animal "book-net".

Today I'll be talking to Ed Gillespie, who is the co-founder of Futerra, a communications agency aimed at promoting sustainability. My agenda…


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Dig In

More soul food than slow-food, Blasda aims to bring people together for a feed. By Mike Small


Can what we eat help create community and become a daily habit feeding the shift to a low carbon world? It can,…


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The Day Sci-Fi Went Retro: Forever?

When I was choosing my Technological Inspiration for my homepage on this site, I didn't hesitate in picking author William Gibson. Whenever I walk past an abandoned, now defunct phone box, I'm almost instantly transported back to those hazy, techless days of the mid 1990s, when a library copy of Count Zero was as near as I ever expected I'd get to a real computer, let alone one that offered the abilities and possibilities that the machine I'm typing this on provides for me. Gibson's…


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Cooling Agents and Radical Affluence

Discovering Pat Kane's Radical Animal project has been very thought-provoking.  I've been prompted to put together a piece, that hopefully adds to the debate on innovation, sustainability and human nature. By trade, I'm a public health worker, not an environmental specialist.  But with a career focus on inequalities and the health needs of marginalised groups, my instinct is to look for the "powerful underdog" in every story.

I'm going to…


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"Radical Animal": the general proposal (for funders and stakeholders)


I've been putting in for…


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Pat Kane: The 'I'm-happy-I'm-green' consensus won't placate our lust for novelty (The Guardian)


This is the unedited text of Guardian Comment article of 26 April 2011, launching the "Radical Animal" book-net. All comments welcomed here…


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